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Ármótahylur is where the River Álka joins the Vatnsdalsá, a unique fly-fishing pool, often called Ármót (Junction Pool)by the anglers. This is one of the most interesting pool in it’s region. The pool is magnificent for flyfishing, with a fast current on the west side.

It’s necessary to wade in and start high, above a little inlet in the grassbank by the east side. If using a two-handed rod, wading actually is unnecessary. The salmon lies by the edge of the rapids and in the quiet water almost downwards to the reflux. The best spot is a bit below the inlet and also there is another spot where the grass bank ends at the west waterside where the gravel takes over.

In the autumn the salmon sometimes moves to the quiet water in the middle of the pool and that’s when we recommend not to wade into the pool, preferably practising long casts.


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