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Is located on the north-west coast of Iceland about 200 kilometers from Reykjavík between Viðidalsá and Vatnsdalsá

It is a 2-3 rod river with a dedicated lodge with 2 double rooms and one single. It has been in nursery since 2012 and only fished for salmon for 15 to 25 days during the season. The rule is catch and release for all salmon but anglers are allowed to take chars with them. The average catch during 20 days is about 35 to 50 salmons.  At the mouth of the river is known for being one of the best places to hook Arctic-Char with the average catch of 400 to 600 chars each season.  There is also occasional sea trout that is hooked but the majority of the catch is 1 - 3 lbs chars.

This is a pefect litle river for friends and family. This season as well as the following seasons in the years to come we are expecting a grater runs of salmon up the river. 



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