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Hnausastrengur is the lowermost fishing pool. The river turns right above the pool and a little runnel runs into it from the east waterside. There is a little puddle called ,,the mirror” and in it its possible to run into a turf of salmons when its mounting the river. Below this runnel there is a waterside which the river has washed the gras away. At the top of this erosion is a circlestream which sometimes carry a big seatrout. Hnausastrengur is very difficult fishingpool but it carry many salmons and few very large ones.

The river runs along a high grasbank and along the bank from the east side lie a few rockpiles. This phenomenal pool is about 50 meters long and it’s possible to catch a salmon almost everywhere in it. Normally you start fishing upmost where the high bank starts. This area is fished down towards the first rockpile and then straight from that pile is the best location to catch fish. When you have fished this pool you walk lower down and fish the rock pile nr. 2.

There is a little ridge where you can fish from. This ridge is placed almost in the centre of the pool and the pile is fished about 3 – 4 meters downwards. You know that you are at the right place when you see a white pile of rocks at the bottom of the river. These white rocks lead you the right way towards the pool. Beware of this route, its dangerous and you have to follow our guide to reach the right spot. The salmon lies straight from the rock pile and you have to make the fly land right beside the pile to get the fly near the salmons.

The last pile you fish is the white one, below the other two. The white rock are difficult to see because the gras has almost completly coverd it. You have to wade in the centre of the river and then you make your way upp the river as far as you can get. You may notice a little ridge in the river that you can walk on. Best locations are from the lowest rockpile all the way to the white rocks. Best way to fish this spot is to cast 45° and haul the fly in very fast.


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